ARMS F&B Bugs and Solutions


1. App Crash Issue
  • Main Terminal will crash when tap on discount button.
    Solutions: (Perform at Main Terminal)
    • Access to administrator module >> Tax and Charges
    • Deactivate all non-use tax and charges list 
    • Tap 'Save' at top-right corner of tax and charges page
  • Mobile Terminal crashed while ordering something.
    Solutions: (Perform at Mobile Terminal)
    • Tap setting icon (gear icon) at top-right corner 
    • Tap Sync Data to synchronize setting changes in the Main Terminal
  • System crashed while printing order, bill or tax invoice.
    • Under Administrator >> Printer Options, ensure the print language is set as "Chinese (Simplified)" if system are using Chinese wording.
    • Remove special characters that currently set for a description from Product Item (such as comma "," or full stop "." or anything else).
    • If the system is using Chinese font Product Item's Description, try to shorter it as below:
      • For normal font size, Chinese description must have space after 12 characters. If still crash, then reduce to 8 or 9 for every spacing.
      • For big font size, the count reduces by half (in this case, use 6 characters or less).
    • Turn off GST Settings and save it, then turn it on again. (don't do this if the system is currently turned off)
    • Split the Product Item's Description by spacing, for example “KopiO 黑咖啡”.
2. Receipt, Order and Bill Printing is Out of Alignment

  • Solution:
    • Modify the "Column" settings to 38 or 42, otherwise put it as default (48) by leaving it blank under Administrator >> Printers.
3. Incorrect Total Sales Amount in Cash Denomination Printing Slip

  • Incorrect total sales amount causes variance in Cash Denomination (closing) if app is set to use start time as transaction time and there is/are transaction(s) that haven't checkout (still open).
    • i. Change the setting to use end time as the transaction date after checkout all tables (no more pending transaction) and performed Cash denomination (closing). The sales amount will be calculated correctly in the next closing.