ARMS F&B Version 2.2.2 Release Notes


ARMS F&B (v2.2.21)

- Not allow to delete discount setting if the discount is currently in use.
- Not allow to enter blank discount setting name.
- Enhance printing header template to show each information with its caption.
- Enhance to exclude tips amount in transaction total amount.
- Move "Print big font table name" setting to "General" and apply to all printing except kitchen list.
- Added in new "Print Subtotal" setting for kitchen list.
- Added in new Tips report.
- Added in Tyro Payment.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed printing alignment that contain non-English characters.
- Fixed cash denomination calculation for sales.
- Fixed printing for traditional Chinese characters.
- Fixed other minor bugs.

ARMS F&B Mobile Terminal (v2.2.20)
- Fixed minor bugs.