ARMS F&B Version 2.6.33 Release Notes



1. Added new tab for app notification module 

2. Added receive mobile terminal order notification on/off setting 

3. Added quantity, item and amount title in receipt item header

4. New print currency indicator in printer option

5. New print table or take away ID on/off setting

6. Added scanning feature to scan table name

7. Added scanning feature to scan item code or name

8. Add Total Item Discount to be shown in Sales Daily Report


1. The tax and charge indicator only allows enter maximum 3 characters

Bug Fix:

1. Fixed app automatically connect to customer display app due to no checking for customer display on/off setting

2. Disallow SKU name first character contains space

3. Change void transaction url for Boost Payment

4. To resolve app crash after close the social screen issue

5. Fixed unable to open table issue