How can I bulk import Category, Product Item, and Add-ons


From ARMS F&B v2.0.6 onwards you're able to import your Categories, Product Items, and Add-ons from a xml file.

Here's a sample XML file that you can download: ImportData.xml

Import From iOS Mail app
On the iOS Mail app, open up the mail containing the xml file, long press on the file and choose ARMS F&B

Import From Dropbox
On your Dropbox > select the xml file > select on the export button > select Open In > select ARMS F&B

ARMS F&B will launch after the steps above, you'll be prompted a message to ask if you want to add or update your Masterfile data, select Yes to import the data.

XML File Format 

Data type details
Data TypeDescriptionExample Values (separated by comma(,))
Stringa string value which is able to contain alpha numericAbcd1234, Coffee, N1 Noodles
Doublea numeric value which has decimal point2.34, 12,30, 9.00
Integera numeric value3, 5, 12, 100
Booleana true or false field. (1 = true, 0 = false)1, 0
String(Price or %)a double value or a percentage value12.00, 2.50, 5%, 20%
String|Doublea string value and a double value separated by |Abcd1234|0.50, Small|-0.20, Medium|0.00, Large|0.50

Please note that you need to have 3 worksheets(in the name of CategoryAddon, and Mapping) in your xml file

Worksheet: Category
This worksheet is to specify the Product Item and its corresponding Category and Subcategory.
Column NameData TypeDescription
CategoryStringCategory Name
SubCategoryStringSubcategory Name
NameStringItem Name
CodeStringItem Code
CostPriceDoubleCost Price of the item
SellingPriceDoubleSelling Price of the item
TakeAwayPriceString(Price or %)Takeaway Price of the item. Note: Make sure this column is set to 'Text' or add a ' in front the value
IsOpenPriceBooleanDefine if this item is an open price item
TaxIncludedBooleanDefine if this item is Tax Included
NoDiscountBooleanDefine if this item allows discount

Worksheet: Addon
This worksheet is to specify the Add-ons Item and its corresponding Add-on Group
Column NameData TypeDescription
AddonGroupStringAdd-on Group name
NameStringAdd-on Item name
PriceString(Price or %)Add-on Item price
TypeIntegerAdd-on Item type, the value is 0, 1, 2 (0 = On/Off, 1 = Multi Qty, 2 = Multi Selection)
SelectionString|Double(Optional) Only fill this up when Type is equal to 2

Worksheet: Mapping
This worksheet is to specify the relationship between Add-on Group and Category
Column NameData TypeDescription
AddonGroupStringAdd-on Group name
CategoryStringCategory name