How to export Cash Sales


To export the cash sales from ARM F&B, navigate to Reports > Accounting Export

When you're at the Accounting Export screen, change the criteria(Date, Format, Group By, Advance Settings) according to your needs. Do note that Advance Settings will change according to the format you choose, and you only need to fill up once for the Advance Settings and the system will keep your info. Select Generate Report when you're done setting up and select the top right button to export the cash sales.

The settings under Advance Settings are required to fill up according to the value in your accounting software. So using the screenshot above as an example, the sales code should refer to your accounting software > GL Account Maintain; Customer code should refer to the Deptor / Customer code of your accounting software.

User guides for accounting software

Please refer to the links below for the user guides on some of the supported accounting softwares:
1. Emas
2. Million

3. Mr Accounting
4. SQL Accounting
5. Sage 50

6. TJH Accounting(Only cash sales available)