How to switch to Tax Inclusive and Tax Exclusive on Settings ?


From version 2.1.0 onwards, tax inclusive settings can be set generally via Administrator Settings.

There are going to be two tax system which customer can utilise for their own applications.

1.0 Tax Inclusive 

User can set the whole platform to be tax inclusive by turning on under Administrator->Tax and Charges as shown in the figure below.

Figure 1.0 Tax Inclusive Settings

Please be reminded that under this settings, every item will be tax inclusive regardless of each individual settings on product item settings. 
For example, if you have set the product item to be tax excluded in the product items setting, it will only recognise as tax inclusive based on setting set at the figure 1.0.

2.0 Tax Exclusive

Figure 2.0 Switch items to tax exclusive basis

You will need to navigate to each product items to make sure each product is tax exclusive by turning off the tax-inclusive settings as follow.

Figure 2.1 If this setting is turned on, this item will be tax inclusive. 

To have the best tax experience, it is best to have one tax system. Please try to avoid using Mixed Mode (Tax Inclusive and Tax Exclusive) together unless it is necessary. 

If you like to use Tax Inclusive for all items. Please turn on the tax inclusive settings as shown in the Figure 1.0 above.

You can turn on tax exclusive by setting it off but please make sure each items are set to tax exclusively by turning off as shown in the Figure 2.1 unless you want this specific items to be tax inclusive.